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pogPoverty in the Home

Too many needy Israeli individuals and families live in shameful conditions, lacking basic amenities for the home and even bare essentials like a bed, refrigerator, table and chairs, stove, or baby equipment. With the poverty rate in Israel currently standing at almost 25%, thousands of people struggle to furnish their homes with even the most basic of necessities.

meir_ panims_response_pog_slMeir Panim’s Response – a Powerful Solution

To meet this need, Meir Panim’s “Koach Latet” Power of Giving (POG) program collects second-hand equipment, furniture, household electrical appliances, clothes, etc. for distribution to needy individuals. The items are repaired, cleaned, and cataloged before being distributed.

our_clientele_pog_slOur Clientele

Recipients include victims of terror attacks trying to rebuild their lives, lone soldiers who came to Israel on their own to serve in the IDF, new immigrants struggling to adapt to their new country, the elderly and handicapped, and thousands of needy children and families who receive backpacks and school supplies via POG’s associated programs.

POG works in cooperation with the municipal welfare services, government offices, and the army. There are currently 4 warehouses strategically located in distressed cities throughout Israel, as well as a social giving website.


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