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mfc1_slOne out of every three children in Israel suffers hunger.

Innocent young children are very likely the most unfortunate victims of Israel’s economic crisis. The latest report on poverty statistics, issued in December of 2014 by the National Insurance Institute, reveals there are now over 756,900 children living below the poverty line.

These children leave for school with empty stomachs and go to bed hungry. During lunchtime, they look on hungrily and despondently as their friends enjoy a satisfying lunch from the school cafeteria – something they cannot afford. And there’s no hot dinner waiting for them at home, either.

It comes as no surprise that they find it hard to concentrate on their schoolwork during a long school day, and their academic performance suffers.

mfc2_slMeir Panim – Meals for Children.

Meir Panim’s Meals for Children Program distributes hot, nourishing lunches to poverty-stricken children

Each day, hot meals are delivered to these needy children – satisfying their hunger, preserving their health, and restoring their smiles. Thus, these underprivileged children are guaranteed at least one nutritious meal a day to safeguard their continued health and advancement.

Since the program was launched, children that received Meir Panim’s hot lunches have seen a remarkable improvement in their academic and overall performance. A well-fed child is not only happier and more cooperative than a child fighting off hunger pains, but is better able to absorb and retain knowledge necessary for a successful education.

mfc3_slA smile on every child’s face.

Every Meir Panim children’s meal includes one serving of protein (meat), carbohydrate, vegetables and fruit. The meals are individually wrapped and delivered daily via Meir Panim’s refrigerated trucks and vans.

The goal of the Meals for Children Program is to ensure that every child in Israel receives at least one hot, nourishing meal a day – because every child has a right to basic nourishment.


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