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  • The industrial kitchen, the largest in the Middle East, is 100% complete.
  • The refrigeration and freezing rooms, temperature controlled according to the type of food being stored (meat, produce, etc.) are 100% complete.
  • The employee cafeteria is 100% complete.
  • The foundations and framework of the building are 100% complete. The roof has been laid, and ceiling paving is 100% complete.
  • All floors have been laid and all walls have been erected. Paving is 95% complete and painting and tiling are in progress.
  • Paving of the exterior of the building, in Jerusalem stone, is 100% complete.
  • The external air conditioning system is 95% complete, and the internal air conditioning system is 100% complete.
  • All water pipes have been installed, and sewage system is 90% complete.
  • Electrical cables, boards and transformers have been installed, and connections are 95% complete.
  • All lighting fixtures throughout the facility are in place, and all switches and outlets have been installed.
  • The building is due to be connected to (high voltage) electric supply. Once connected, refrigerators and generators will be tested.
  • Roadwork outside building remains to be done.


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