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MortimerThe Mortimer Zuckerman & Abigail Zuckerman Israel Nutrition Center

The situation of families who live in Israel’s Southern Region, the Negev, is particularly dire. The Negev has a large number of development towns populated by economically distressed new immigrants from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union. Unemployment in the Negev area is high due to the closure of many factories and workplaces and the lack of suitable employment solutions. As a result, the Negev population is experiencing an overwhelmingly severe economic crisis. The Israel Nutrition Center will provide a significant and realistic solution that will offer relief to disadvantaged families in the Negev and throughout the country.

project3This center will host the largest food production and distribution facility in Israel, providing up to 30,000 nutritious meals every day to needy children, diners at Meir Panim’s Free Restaurants and recipients of Meals-on-Wheels. These high-quality meals will be prepared in conjunction with a leading corporate catering company. This arrangement will enable the Israel Nutrition Center to be a self-sustaining operation, allowing more of the needy population to benefit from Meir Panim’s food services. The Israel Nutrition Center will further provide local residents with much-needed employment by creating more than 200 new jobs, thus helping to break the cycle of poverty. The projects will operate in conjunction with local municipalities, educational and welfare services.



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