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October 31st, 2007

Lending A Hand In The Holy Land

by Daniel Kaplan
as I approached the door I felt a little awkward walking in. On the surface it looked like a cute little café. The room was brightly lit and the floor was very clean. On the tables were flowers in small vases and pitchers of water. There were paintings on freshly painted walls. I also spotted an air-conditioner in one of the windows.

I soon learned that this was no ordinary restaurant. As I walked in I noticed that there we...
October 29th, 2007

ACHI Partners with Meir Panim

ACHI understands that children who go to school hungry struggle to concentrate and their academic performances suffer as well. The fact is: a well-fed child is happier and more cooperative than a child fighting off hunger pains.

Through the commitment and effort of ACHI's “Nourish-a-child, Nourish-a-mind” project, $9,260 was raised. 100% of all monies raised by ACHI were allocated towards the supply of food to the needy children of Israel. Thanks to the wonderful efforts of ACHI, we were ...

October 18th, 2007

Glamorous Hollywood-style fundraiser great success

Together with help and support from Adam and Gila Milstein, the evening was the epitome of class and style. The tranquil atmosphere of the Avni’s backyard was the backdrop to a night of live music, wine tasting by the esteemed Herzog Winery, and succulent delicacies served up by world-renowned Pat’s catering.

Joshua Bittan Fine Arts, as well as the aforementioned artists, were both gracious and generous by donating a fabulous collection of original pieces for auction. Works by the likes of...

October 15th, 2007

“Singing Carlebach” Concert at Tel-Aviv’s Cultural Center

The Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra led the evening under the musical direction of Yaron Gottfried.

Alongside Fried and Fisher, the event featured performers such as Evyatar Banai, Aharon Razel, Yonatan Razel, Chezki Sofer and Ovadiah Hamama and friends who presented the symphonic debut of the popular song “Ana B’Koach”. Eli Jaffe conducted the concert, which took place on Wednesday, September 5, 2007, at 8:00 PM.

The event, called “The Spirit is Yours- Singing Carlebach”, was conducted in conj...

October 9th, 2007

The Best Time Ever

After two hours of standing on their feet and acting as busboys/waiters/social workers one might have expected a different reaction, but Elgie and Barbara Gibson finished their volunteer shift eager to return and work some more.

The Gibsons, from Seattle, Washington, were encouraged by a good friend to visit Meir Panim and see another side of Israel, the side that is often overlooked when visiting Israel. Eager to get to know the country and all its aspects, the Gibsons followed their f...

October 8th, 2007

Over 7,600 guest diners at Meir Panim Sukkahs in 5768

15,000 holiday food packages were distributed in all of the organization’s branches throughout Israel. The packages included special items for the holiday such as wine, honey, candies and more.

The packages were distributed to the needy, Holocaust survivors, and disadvantaged families. Furthermore, each Meir Panim food center hosted a Rosh Hashanah holiday meal for needy people who were thus able to embark on the New year with a warm meal. The Israeli hotel chains rose to the challenge a...

September 10th, 2007

Not like everyone else

Except for one fact - Meir was busy packing HUNDREDS of school supplies in the Power of Giving Home Center for children he'd never met.

Along with dozens of other volunteer groups in different parts of the country, Meir and the Lefkovits Bar Mitzvah Mission took time off in August from their summer routines to help those less fortunate than themselves by preparing and packing thousands of schoolbags. These schoolbags were ultimately distributed to Israeli children from disadvantaged f...

September 9th, 2007

Back to school with the Scherl's

The family, extended family and friends all piled into the Meir Panim–Power of Giving Home Center in Jerusalem and spent the afternoon packing pencil cases and school bags to be delivered the next day to needy children across Israel.

The families organized themselves into assembly lines and no one was left out – every hand was needed to get the job done. In one day, in the sweltering warehouse, hundreds of knapsacks were packed and boxed ready for immediate delivery.

Each volunteer also...

September 6th, 2007

Percentage of poor children up to 35.8

Social Welfare Minister Yitzhak Herzog presented the NII's poverty report together with the director general of the institute, Yigal Ben-Shalom.

The report showed a slight decrease in overall poverty - the percentage of families living under the poverty line dropped from 20.6% in 2005 to 20% and the percentage of individuals living under the poverty line decreased from 24.7% to 24.5%. However, the percentage of children who suffered from poverty rose from 35.2% to 35.8%.

September 3rd, 2007

Galei Tzahal and Meir Panim Launch a Food Collection Campaign

Please bring dry food items to one of the collection spots in the shopping malls, where Bat-Ami National Service volunteers are waiting to receive your contributions.

Food can also be brought to any of the Meir Panim and Power of Giving centers throughout Israel.
To view the list of centers, please press here.

Galei Tzahal and Meir Panim wish a Shana Tovah and Happy Holiday to the IDF soldiers and Jewish people throughout the w...