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April 1st, 2009

Helping Survivors Survive

As part of an experimental program to assist the aging survivors, 1000 survivors will receive magnetic cards with which they will be able to purchase food in time for Passover.

The new card, developed with Meir Panim, will be loaded with 300nis a month for one year. During this year, recipients will be able to purchase groceries (excluding alcohol and tobacco) in the major food chains.

Irena Faver, an 84 year old survivor of Auschwitz and currently a resident of Nazareth Illit received ...

March 18th, 2009

Meir Panim distributes Purim costumes to needy children

On the spot it was decided that Meir Panim would distribute Purim costumes amongst the children in the youth clubs. Donations were garnered, costumes were purchased and distributed, and the children of Meir Panim's youth clubs celebrated Purim with an extra reason to be joyous.

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January 12th, 2009

Meir Panim Provides Food for Soldiers

Meir Panim’s volunteers rose to the occasion and collected large amounts of fresh fruit, spreads and snacks, while Meir Panim’s cooks in the local free restaurants cooked hundreds of extra meals, packaged them in individual trays and delivered them directly to the soldiers, while still hot and reminiscent of their mother’s cooking.

Meir Panim volunteers also brought fresh food daily to the “chalim” army base, through warning sirens and falling rockets, to ensure that the soldiers fighting...

January 5th, 2009

Meir Panim's Emergency Gaza Relief Campaign

Meir Panim's free restaurant in Sderot was hit by numerous rockets which makes the provision of food almost impossible. We are now trying to put things in order and to continue to provide nutritious meals to the needy.
  • Meir Panim delivers hot meals directly to the homes of the elderly and homebound of the Gaza Region.
  • Bullet-proof vans deliver vital meals to children and families who must remain in bomb shelters.
  • Candies, treats, and games ...
December 15th, 2008

Soldiers collect food donations for Meir Panim

They canvassed Jerusalem’s shuk for two hours, and collected generous amounts of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish for the needy diners in Meir Panim’s restaurant, without spending a single shekel! Kol hakavod to the soldiers and their commanders in putting this volunteer initiative together!

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