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June 20th, 2009

New Refrigerated Truck Inaugurated at Meir Panim

The truck will serve the Meir Panim soup kitchen in Jerusalem, collecting donations of food from local hotels, wedding halls and restaurants, to be served in the free restaurant. As per the Health Ministry's regulations, such food collection requires special refrigeration. "The needy deserve to enjoy gourmet food, too," said Meir Panim's Director, Rachel Ebenboim, at the inauguration.

Participating hotels: Crown Plaza, Moriah Classic, Montefiore, Mount Zion, Inbal and Raich.

Meir Panim t...

June 18th, 2009

Meir Panim's Summer Camps

With no framework, supervision or activities to fill the long days and weeks of vacation, they often take to the streets, a pastime which easily deteriorates into street fighting and vandalism.

To prevent this phenomenon, and to provide these children with a normative, fun and educational summer experience, Meir Panim will operate ten summer camps for disadvantaged children in the following cities: Acco, Dimona, Hatzor (in the Galilee), Kiryat Gat, Or Akiva (x3) Safed (Tsfat), Sderot and...

June 14th, 2009

IsrooSearch Benefits the Needy in Israel

About IsrooSearch…

IsrooSearch is a new search engine that allows its users to donate to Israeli organizations without spending any money! How does it work? For each hit on a search result displayed through IsrooSearch, Google distributes a portion of its profits to IsrooSearch on behalf of the Google's technology editor site. IsrooSearch, thereafter, distributes all of its financial gains to humanitarian organizations which help and support Israel. Thanks to its official partnershi...

June 9th, 2009

5 Star Hotels Will Deliver Meals to Meir Panim Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem

First in Jerusalem, a new social initiative is under way, an outcome of Meir Panim in cooperation with the Jerusalem Hotels: Crown Plaza, Moriah Classic, Montefiore, Mount Zion, Inbal and Raich. A delivery line will operate using a refrigerated truck that will collect the food from the hotels to be distributed to the customers in Meir Panim restaurant in Jerusalem.

The beginning of the project was marked at an opening event that took place on Sunday, June 14th in Meir Panim's restaurant...

May 1st, 2009

Meir Panim is Visited By Our Chairman

During his visit, Mr. Fromm observed preparations being made for Seders that will be hosted by Meir Panim in distressed cities throughout Israel for those who have nowhere else to go. In a community center in Israel's North, Mr. Fromm worked alongside volunteers distributing prepaid shopping cards and boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to local families for Passover.

Mr. Fromm did not only leave feeling moved and satisfied, he also brought back a message from the patrons of Meir Panim. “T...

April 30th, 2009

Lighting of the Torch on Independence Day

Honoring his active work on behalf on the citizens of Yerucham. This honor is a natural result of the fruitful and ongoing cooperation between the Welfare department of the city and the local Power of Giving Branch.

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April 28th, 2009

A Bright Future on the Horizon

The programs were carried out in cooperation with the City of Jerusalem Employment Center. The program emphasizes women empowerment, computer knowledge and basic English. The courses were given high marks by the participants who enjoyed individual mentoring and highly professional guidance. Presently, 85% of the participants have already found work. The program will soon be initiated in Jerusalem's Northern part. A similar program has also ended recently in Haifa, with the cooperation of the ...
April 28th, 2009

Meir Panim Ensures a Happy Passover for Thousands of Needy Israelis

In spite of these difficult economic times, Meir Panim did all that it can to help as many people as possible.

Here are some of the highlights of Meir Panim’s efforts this Passover:

  • 6,220 food packages were distributed in 13 cities
  • 2,630 prepaid food shopping cards were distributed to needy families & individuals
  • Over 1,000 people benefited from hosted Seder meals in distressed cities throughout Israel
It is only through the genero...
April 8th, 2009

Israeli Judicial System Volunteers for Meir Panim

With the help of recruited employees, Meir Panim began a Passover charity drive collecting grocery items, toys, clothing and cash donations to be distributed to the local needy.

This one-of-a-kind project helped bridge a gap between diverse populations and created a sense of local unity befitting the Passover holiday of freedom.

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April 7th, 2009

Preparations for Public Seders

Participants will include new immigrants, single parents, the handicapped and the elderly. Meir Panim is doing all it can to include ALL those in need of a Seder, so that no one will be left alone on Seder night, a time traditionally spent with friends and family.

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