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June 6th, 2019

Shavuot Food Packing and Distribution for Needy Israelis in Or Akiva

Thousands of needy Israelis were able to celebrate the holiday Shavuot with dignity. At our Or Akiva branch, Ilanit and her group of volunteers distribute hundreds of boxes to members of their community in need. Each box came with 4 ready-made boxes of a first fish course and a main course (2 courses for Saturday night and 2 for Sunday lunch), challot, packaged salads of Techina, Hummus and Eggplant, and desserts. Each packed box is worth an estimate of about 300 Shekels. Thank yo...
June 5th, 2019

Pre- Shavuot Lunch and Learn in Jerusalem

How much does it cost to bake a cheesecake?

This is the question, director of global development for Meir Panim, Mimi Rozmaryn posed to our group of motivated student volunteers, during the "learn" portion of today's Shavuot Lunch and Learn.

Our volunteers expertly prepared for the l...
June 5th, 2019

[Watch] Shavuot Lunch and Learn

Our volunteers expertly prepared for the lunch crowds helped served lunch, socialized with our lunch patrons and squeezed in time for a little Shavuot learning. We are so appreciative of our motivated and responsible student volunteers. Thank you so much! We hope you will come back soon!
June 5th, 2019

Pre-Shavuot Party at the Nir Am Youth Center

In honor of Shavuot, Tair, our branch manager along with Coby her assistant organized a massive party at the Nir AM Youth Center in Sderot, open to the community- both kids, the teens, and parents. Over 120 people attended filling our branch with joy and excitement! Guests enjoyed sampling delicious cheesecake and different flavors of frozen treats from the ice cream bar. Activities included flower arranging, a video game tournament, arts and crafts for younger kids, water gun fights, a...
June 3rd, 2019

Teens Sharpen Their Cooking Skills in Nevi’im

Teens at our After-School Youth Center in the Nevi'im neighborhood of Sderot enjoyed a cooking class recently! Teaching the youth to prepare healthy meals is one way our Youth Center staff are helping prepare them for the future.
May 29th, 2019

Don’t Let Jerusalem’s Poor Fall Hungry, Return Hope This Jerusalem Day

On June 2nd, celebrate Jerusalem Day! This year marks the 52nd anniversary of the reunification of the holiest city in the world. Free activities in the Old City and surrounding areas include musical performances, a parade, a prayer service at the Western Wall and tours of different historical sites.   Israelis and Jews worldwide view the reunification of Jerusalem as a momentous event, if not a divinely orchest...
May 23rd, 2019

Preparing for the IDF with Shinishinim

Last week the Ofakei Or Youth Center in Sderot hosted a special night with guests from the "shinshinim" gap year community service fellowship. The teens participated in different sessions;   preparing for the army, recruitment, elite units, what they can do and how they can prepare and try to get in. For so many young adults, a good job in the army can completely change the course of their life and open up many doors for them. This type of programming at the Ofakei Or Youth Center is pr...