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January 20th, 2019

“Mothers With Meaning” Help Make Miracles Happen

Late November, a group of women from “Mothers With Meaning,” as part of a trip with Masa Israel, visited Meir Panim charity organization’s Dimona branch in southern Israel. The group was so touched by Meir Panim’s good work, as they visited its Holocaust Survivors program, that they decided to arrange a spec...
January 8th, 2019

Terrorized Teens Treated to Cool-Off Time on Mount Hermon!

After enduring months of stress caused by terrorist rockets, fires and  incendiary balloons being launched into their southern Israeli city of Sderot, Meir Panim's Ben Gurion youth club teens got to COOL OFF with a trip to the snow-filled Mount Hermon in Israel's north.
For most of these youth, from challenged home-lives, this was their first experience seeing snow! The teens enjoyed a day of winter sports, riding the ski lift and enjoying the beautiful vistas.
January 6th, 2019

When Miracles Happen Through Meir Panim

Facebook is a wonderful tool to connect people. In fact, Meir Panim's Facebook page recently helped to make a miracle happen. Here's the story: A daycare center, located in Israel's northern city of Safed, recently wrote to us on Facebook. The teacher told us that her students come to the daycare center without coats because they did not own one. Not only is Safed particularly cold, due to its mountainous location, but it is also known ...
January 3rd, 2019

Meir Panim LOVES Our Volunteers: Thank You Stephen Mensah!

Stephen Mensah had a week long visit to Israel from Geneva, Switzerland. He came to celebrate Christmas and visit holy sites around the country. While here, he wanted to take some time to volunteer and help the people of Jerusalem. As part of his visit, he chose to make his time here extra meaningful by volunteering at Meir Panim's Jerusalem Branch Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen.
We were thrilled to have his help, his energy serving our clients in Jerusalem and appreciate his sharing ...
January 3rd, 2019

Meir Panim LOVES Our Volunteers: Thank You Jacob Maslow!

Jacob Maslow recently volunteered at Meir Panim's Jerusalem branch.
Jacob lives in Beit Shemesh, about 40 minutes outside of Jerusalem. He moved to Israel 5 years ago from New York with his 4 children.
Jacob has a history of volunteering. When he lived in New York, he volunteered regularly at a soup kitchen. He stated that he is happy to be back in a similar setting by helping impoverished citizens of Jerusalem to have a fresh, hot meal.
December 12th, 2018

One Long Island Teen’s Special Chanukah Tradition

14-year-old Ari Tuerack is a typical teenager in many ways. He lives with his family in Long Island, New York and attends North Shore Hebrew Academy. But Ari has an unusual annual tradition: each holiday season, he donates his Chanukah money to Meir Panim. “When I was four years old, my parents asked me if I would rather donate the money that they wo...