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March 24th, 2020

Meir Panim’s quick turnaround to help people during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the entire world is adjusting to the new reality of the coronavirus pandemic, Meir Panim has quickly pivoted in order to continue providing foods and other necessary items for our clients. We have taken innovative steps to ensure that the new government limitations won’t leave anyone in Israel’s impoverished community without a warm meal. For example, new government restricti...
March 23rd, 2020

MP helps welfare ministry

The Tzefat branch manager of Meir Panim, Benny Elgad was approached by the welfare ministry to help distribute meals to the homebound people of Tzefat. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, more people than ever are homebound and not able to go out to get food. Since Meir Panim has been delivering food to needy people already for a long time, Meir Panim was chosen as the community partner to deliver the meals.
March 18th, 2020

Nir Am Purim Upates

In our Nir Am Center, a program was initiated to help the teens’ families. Yarden, the  Program Director, understands the importance of including the teens’ parents in some of the community activities. These activities are particularly meaningful and helpful for the Sderot residents, as participating in these types of events helps to offset the ongoing stress of living near the Gaza border. Read more >>
March 18th, 2020

Or Akiva Purim Updates

We offered a “Mothers with Meaning” program recently, where the participants had such an amazing experience, that another mother and her daughter chose to be involved with us in celebrating the young girl’s Bat Mitzvah. They partnered with Ilanit, the Director of the Or Akiva branch, in creating a Chesed Read more >>
March 18th, 2020

Tzfat Purim Updates

In Tzfat, students at the Rav Tachumi High School packed up Mishloach Manot for our clients with an abundance of spirit and joy. To start off the day, they created a massive “Happy Purim” poster to greet the Restaurant guests. They also participated in many intergenerational activities that facilitated a strong bond between the teens and the elderly. The elderly clients thoroughly enj...
March 18th, 2020

Purim In Jerusalem

In our Jerusalem Branch, the tables were set with nice dishes and the room was decorated beautifully. Delicious foods, including Hamantaschen, were served by our incredible volunteers. Thanks to your generous donations, Meir Panim was able to distribute fun costumes like Mickey Mouse ears, mustaches, masks, crowns, butterfly wings, shiny skirts and much more. Each of the Jerusalem residents who walked in received a beautifully wrapped mishloach manot. It was a ...
March 18th, 2020

Purim in Sdeort

The teens of Sderot had a great time on Purim! They were so busy having fun that they were less anxious about the falling rockets and wailing sirens. There were colorful balloons, Hawaiian necklaces, delicious pizza, soft drinks and a talented DJ providing upbeat Israeli music. The lights dimmed and the teens danced in an atmosphere that was light and happy. Meir Panim enabled them to enjoy the Purim holiday like teens everywhere. Read more >>
March 12th, 2020

Update on Nir Am

One night last week our Nir Am center opened up to the families of the teens who regularly attend. There, we showed them a special place and also give them an opportunity to enjoy the facility and have fun together.
Yarden, our program director shares that these family nights give the participants a chance to take on leadership roles, helping to run activities and host the visitors. He also shared that these activities are particularly meaningful as the tone of the community is under su...
February 19th, 2020

Bridging the Gap

As tensions between Arabs and Israelis rise, Meir Panim chooses to take action and do something about it. We gathered local teens in Or Akiva and invited their Arab neighbors to participate in a dialogue between the two groups. The outcome was incredible! It was inspiring to see how the teenagers got along so well and came to the understanding that they’re not as different as they seem. Like most teens, they all shared similar interests and hobbies and enjoyed ...
February 18th, 2020

Updates From Our Teen Centers In Sderot

In our Neviim center, the teens enjoy preparing home-cooked meals together. They recently cooked their own schnitzel including vegetables and rice. Learning nutrition is an important aspect of their enrichment activities. In addition, an important component to our program is homework and exam assistance through group support and supervision. The 7th graders of Nir Am went on an ...