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Letter from Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Ha’emek

Shalom and warm greetings.

The crown jewel of Meir Panim’s work is its network of soup kitchens spread throughout Israel, particularly in peripheral regions, where each day thousands of depressed, brokenhearted people can eat and enjoy hot, nourishing meals.

This successful operation was established in light of the harsh economic conditions and the dreadful hardship faced by hundreds of thousands of families in Israel, who are prevented by socioeconomic difficulties from enjoying hot, nourishing meals. 

Meir Panim deals extensively in the area of charity and providing assistance to others, standing alongside every needy individual and embittered soul, poor and large families, terror victims and their families, the elderly and the helpless, children at risk, etc., giving them warmth and love, strengthening them, encouraging them, and assisting them generously and sincerely, with magnanimity and remarkable expertise.

With much loyal friendship and sincere wishes for blessings and success,

Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman
Migdal Ha’emek