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Letter from Dennis Prager

Today, over 1.75 million Israelis live below the poverty line and 1 out of 3 children suffer from food insufficiency and I am appealing to you in these days leading up to the High Holidays, to join me in sponsoring monthly lunches for hungry children, adults and the elderly in Israel.

Meir Panim, which means in Hebrew, ‘to bring light to the faces of Israel’s most vulnerable residents’ is one of Israel’s leading humanitarian organizations. Meir Panim’s staff and volunteers work around the clock to ensure that Israel’s neediest will be able to eat. For Israel’s poorest, who have nowhere else to go, Meir Panim is there.

Together, we can help Meir Panim distribute hot lunches to Jewish children, hot meals at their Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens, and Meals-On-Wheels to Israel’s homebound, disabled and elderly.

Let us do our part to help free those who continue to suffer the scourge of poverty in Israel.

Dennis Prager