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“America Eats for Israel” Program Aims to Raise Funds for Meir Panim’s Work Feeding Needy Israelis

On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, communities across the United States will join together in dining at participating Kosher restaurants to feed hungry Israelis. 10% of proceeds will go toward funding Meir Panim‘s lifesaving work in Israel. 1.7 million Israelis live in poverty – and 800,000 of them are vulnerable children. Meir Panim’s projects include Restaurant-Style […]

Photo credit Dovie Dobuler

As Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation, Charity Organization Finds Innovative Ways to Help the Poor

What do the Iron Dome, Waze, USB stick, hunger, and poverty have in common? They all stem from Israel. Today, Israel celebrates its 70th Independence Day (Yom HaAtzmaut). Known as the “Start-Up Nation,” last year, Israel ranked second by the World Economic Forum for innovation. With its technological advancements, medical ingenuity, and humanitarian aid, one […]

70 Years After WWII, Israeli Holocaust Survivors Suffer

In Israel, at sundown on April 11 and again at 11 am on April 12, sirens will resound throughout the country. Traffic comes to a standstill, even on major highways, and pedestrians stand in place for two minutes. The moment of silence commemorates the 6 million Jews murdered between 1933 and 1945 during the Holocaust […]

The Sad Face of Poverty: Meet Eliana from Kiryat Ata

Meet Eliana*. When she was 5 years old, her house burned down. The family was already poor and the fire left them homeless. “My family had nothing but a small Mazda, the clothes we were wearing and about 80 shekels or so in the bank,” Eliana, now 10, recalls. The family lived in Kiryat Ata […]

Passover Campaign Promises to Feed Israel’s Hungry

As the season in Israel changes from winter to spring, Jews across the holy land are preparing to celebrate Passover, also known as the Festival of Liberation. Passover commemorates the Jewish liberation by God from slavery in Egypt. “Passover is a time where families come together around the table and tell the story of the […]