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Something Good is Happening in the ‘Bomb Shelter Capital of the World’

Israel’s southern city of Sderot, located less than a mile from the Gaza border, is an experience in contrasts. Though the city’s motto since electing Mayor Alon Davidi in 2013 has been “Something good is happening in Sderot”, the city is still best-known as the “Bomb Shelter Capital of the World” after having to reinforce […]

Shocking New Israel Poverty Report Jolts Meir Panim

The Israeli National Insurance Institute released this week its annual poverty report revealing that more than 1.7 million Israeli citizens, including one out of every three children, live below the poverty line. “Every year, during ‘Poverty Week’, which is a time worldwide to promote poverty awareness and activism, the government puts out their yearly statistics,” […]

Lives Light-Up with Unique Chanukah Activities for Israel’s Poorest Citizens

During Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, homes throughout the world share the joy and light that come with celebrating the holiday. Yet, for the estimated 1.65 million Israelis who struggle to make ends meet and live in poverty or loneliness, the holiday season is often met with apprehension. “Chanukah can be a particularly challenging time […]

Israel’s Poor Give Thanks to Meir Panim and Its Supporters

All over the United States, families are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. Turkey is in the oven. Potatoes are getting mashed. Cranberry sauce is being stirred. Yet, for Israel’s 1.65 million poverty stricken citizens, they can only dream of a home filled with good smells emanating from their kitchen. When cupboards and bellies are empty, Meir […]