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Meir Panim Passover Campaign Helps Thousands!

Passover, arguably one of the most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, is also the most challenging. The Jewish people are commanded to not only re-tell the story of the Israelites’ Exodus from ancient Egypt but also to feel as though they themselves are leaving the shackles of slavery today. For Israel’s 1.7 million citizens […]

Holocaust Victims Remembered Every Day Through Meir Panim Charity Organization

Israel is home to the largest number of Holocaust survivors in the world.  Tragically, however, approximately 60,000 of these survivors live below the poverty line. “As we commemorate another Holocaust Memorial Day, it is a tragedy that every day Meir Panim witnesses Holocaust victims suffering from hunger, poverty and loneliness,” stated Goldie Sternbuch, Director of […]

For Passover, Meir Panim Charity Increases its Efforts to Fight Poverty

The Passover holiday brings with it a sense of cultural pride and an opportunity to rejoice with family. During this annual celebration, the Jewish nation unites to commemorate liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt, mark the gift of freedom in the Land of Israel, and pay tribute to its Biblical heritage. However, for nearly two […]

Meir Panim Purim Festivities Brighten the Lives of Israel’s Needy

March 24th marks Purim. The holiday is observed by delivering food packages (mishloach manot) to friends and family. It is also a commandment to donate money to the needy and partake in a festive holiday meal. The Purim story, found in the book of Esther, describes the withdrawal of a tragic decree made by Haman, […]