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5 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, this year November 22, was inaugurated in 1621 by the colonial Pilgrims who wanted to show their gratitude for having a productive harvest which provided satisfying meals. Thanksgiving continues to be a day upon which most Americans gather with family and friends for feasting and counting their blessings. “Counting one’s blessings is not just […]

What’s Cooking in Sderot?

Meir Panim’s After-School Youth Club in the Ben Gurion neighborhood of Sderot is a safe haven for at-risk youth. The club hosts a variety of special programs to keep teens engaged in their community, and to teach them important life skills. A clear highlight is the club’s weekly cooking class. The turnout is always high […]

IDF Elite Unit Volunteers at Meir Panim’s Dimona Branch

Members of Duvdevan – an elite counter-terrorism unit of the IDF – are taking part in a sergeant course in an area near Dimona. As part of their training, the soldiers are required to complete volunteering and community service. Recently a group chose to help Dimona residents by spending the morning at Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen. […]

Meir Panim Dimona Branch Hosts Women’s Senior Club

Meir Panim strives to provide a warm, welcoming environment for local residents in need. As many Israelis living in poverty are elderly, many of our clients are senior citizens. Our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in Dimona recently hosted a women’s senior citizen club meeting. Organized by a non-profit called Shoshana, the club meets regularly to provide elderly […]

Meir Panim Tzfat Branch Hosts Holocaust Survivors Program

Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in Tzfat recently hosted a very special evening gathering to honor Holocaust survivors. The event was in partnership with the L’Chaim Foundation, which works to support and care for Israel’s Holocaust survivors and ensure they live their final days with the full resources and warm embrace of the Jewish community. […]