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Letter from the President of the State of Israel – Reuven Rivlin

Hello. Meir Panim’s reputation has spread from one end of the country to the other, as an organization devotedly involved in the needs of the public.The Meir Panim organization brings people together, and bridges the gap between the different ethnic groups, communities and sectors that make up the population of Israel. But all this is nothing at […]

Letter from Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator

Dear Friends: l am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the fine work the Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel has done over the years.Since its inception, the Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel has dedicated itself to helping many families and their children. Meir Panim has taken the initiative to assist less fortunate families […]

Letter from Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Ha’emek

Shalom and warm greetings.The crown jewel of Meir Panim’s work is its network of soup kitchens spread throughout Israel, particularly in peripheral regions, where each day thousands of depressed, brokenhearted people can eat and enjoy hot, nourishing meals.This successful operation was established in light of the harsh economic conditions and the dreadful hardship faced by […]