We launched the Ben Gurion club
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Aug 23

We launched the Ben Gurion club

For many years, we take care of the needy population in the elderly and adults, and are here for the children of needy families. Now even teenagers can get a response and support.

After several months of renovations and preparations, the club launched a solemn Ben Gurion new youth club in grades Z’- L.

Three times a week, the young people come to receive physical and psychological support, social and educational activities varied. Learning goals are strengthening, reducing crime and wandering among the youth, strengthening the self-image of each, and encouragement to work on behalf of others.

Not only the children of wealthy families can succeed:

  • Tutoring
  • Modern computer room
  • Discussions and conversations
  • Art and craft
  • Workshops on violence prevention and substance abuse
  • Community Action of youth for the neighborhood and the city
  • Preparation and support towards military service and national service
  • Trips, outings, lectures, tournaments, evening recreation, White Nights
  • Special sessions on holidays and memorial days
  • Sport and Health in cooperation with the Sapir College

The place is managed by the director of the frame, a guide, three soldiers of the Nahal core, 4 Sin”sinim, and 3 Students scholarship recipients. All together partners to build a better future!