June 29, 2017

Tiberias overlooking the beautiful Sea of Galilee, and the branches around angels of mercy. Warda Shuan Sharon Ziva and branch managers supervise the system of white aprons and cooking together with volunteers are cooking from early morning steaming soup pots and cooking odors are carried on every street Galilee in Tiberias.

In the afternoon, they go into deaf people from all walks of life. And branch managers along with volunteers went to each one of them and ask how they are interested in health. When downloading that one hears the needy born ‘child joy unbridled cakes out of the oven and balloons hanging branch, everyone here feels at home.

Warda and Ziva together with a team of volunteers packing mothers struggling packets “Take AVA” children. yes! They also comes a hot meal during the week.

Here too, as in branches of welcoming volunteers rehabilitating prisoners, and those with mental retardation. All find their place in the Meir Panim branch.

The restaurant Address: Hagalil 56 Tiberias