Or Akiva

Or Akiva

June 29, 2017

Branch in Or Akiva is on campus two-story building and before we tell the branch – we will tell you on the lawns outside the branch, all the area is full of squares greening grass, and square in front of the branch can already feel the wonderful grace.

Meet the one and only Ilanit Mahfouz branch manager of Or Akiva, Ilanit can receive the degree of Doctor of kindness and helping others. No person who meets the Ilanit and immediately see the goodness departing from it. Began to talk to her, after half a minute longer access it Ilana boy is it a mother and father and takes his hand not only physical. Ilana holds all linked to it, no child or teenager need not know who to contact in Or Akiva. Branch welcoming her permanent address for each request and when happy.

Ilanit cook together with volunteers who nutritious food tasty and high quality, the afternoon will all shake up old and hear a good word while preparing a tray full of all good and packaging packet kids in Ilana know what word to give, the branch is her baby here everything comes out. Ask Adam Akiva who is the mother of the city, Ilanit Mahfouz will answer immediately. The club is administrated by the art of educating every child is treated as if it were built details. And holidays and birthdays are no longer a party, but each party invested in each child gets birthday cake with cream cone name.

Love Meir Panim branch in the city is there anything the police and the municipality know that contact the office with any request that comes near them.

Branch address: Or Akiva –Kopelowitz Building, House #16