June 29, 2017

Dimona branch is the campus has dining room, volunteers, Room group games and more tiny room – the office of miracles, yes even you are invited to become the director of the Dimona branch miracles Almakayis, this room manager Nissim an enormous grace, the room looked headquarters with board DD Lane perform tasks, this place of miracles volunteers go buy food branch feeds on more than 800 people would like to come to the branch and eat only hot dish and will have to receive those who leave their homes transports homes.

Holocaust survivor sitting at home and waiting for the volunteers of miracles, knock signal that someone is thinking about. Someone made sure and take care of him. I can not miss it. Meir Panim will take care of it, always. Noon and fast times, some volunteers go to disabled people lonely and the elderly to give them lunch and ask how they are, some remained branch of the arrivals, at 12:00 Branch crowded visitors, the dishes are served as well volunteer inmates to community service and miracles guide them leniently how to return to life and to set out a new one.

Even with intellectual disability team of miracles, miracles bestow their love did not exist. They love the miracles and miracles like them. Afternoon operator miracles seniors club and while supervising volunteers to a nearby branch where power is required to note whether the same pair before the wedding and had no where to furnish the house – Miracles will help them whenever required.

Branch address: HaMakabim, Yoseftal Center, Dimona