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diningDignified Dining

The foundation of Meir Panim’s food services is its network of free restaurants in cities throughout Israel. The restaurants are a dignified alternative to soup kitchens, providing quality food in a comfortable dining setting to those in need. Designed to have the look and feel of a restaurant, the setting maintains Meir Panim’s firm commitment to preserve the dignity of its patrons. Daily menus are designed by a nutritionist to include all of the main food categories and vitamins that are vital for proper nutrition, which needy individuals can ill-afford. Diners also have the option of taking home packaged food to eat in the privacy of their own homes.

fullHartGiving with a full heart

The meals are served by volunteers who provide more that just a hot, nutritious meal – they offer a warm smile, a sympathetic ear, and a helping hand to our patrons.

atmosphereA warm atmosphere

The atmosphere at the Meir Panim free restaurants is relaxed and warm. Over time, camaraderie develops and the restaurants become a “second home” for many of the patrons. Troubled diners open up to the caring volunteers who are always ready to listen, encourage, and assist in any way possible.

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