MEIR PANIM - Numbers and data on projects we support
400 Devoted, responsible, regular volunteers representing all shades of Israeli society give of their time, energy and talents, enabling Meir Panim to continue their ongoing work.
3,600 Alternating volunteers each year, including youth groups and visiting delegations from abroad.
7 Elegant restaurants are situated in the centers of towns, and serve hot, nourishing meals each day, with 3 courses at every meal.
List of Meir Panim Free Restaurant Branches: Jerusalem, Dimona, Haifa, Netanya, Tiberias, Or Akiva, Tsfat.
2,300 Guests eat each day in Meir Panim Free Restaurants across Israel.
700 Meals on Wheels are delivered each day to the homebound, disabled and elderly. The delivery is handled by volunteers.
2,125 Hot, nutritious meals are distributed each day to children of underprivileged families through Meir Panim's "Meals for Children" program.
12,000 Food cards are distributed to elderly Holocaust survivors and struggling families throughout Israel prior to the Holidays (Rosh Hashana & Passover).
Hot meals will be distributed to needy children and families across Israel through the food production facility at the new Israel Nutrition Center.
8 After-School Youth Clubs are run by professional teachers, providing academic reinforcement as well as meals and enrichment activities. They are accompanied by special parenting classes. Clubs are located in the following cities: Dimona, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Malachi and Or Akiva.
60 At-risk teens are enrolled in "Young Aiding the Old" programs, learning carpentry, plumbing and electrical repair. They utilize their skills in the homes of the elderly and others in need, bringing relief to this population while receiving employment training.
90 Women are currently enrolled in "Back to Work" programs in Jerusalem, Haifa and Yokneam. Counseling and training teach the skills needed to join the workforce and become financially independent.
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