David Roth, Director and President
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David Roth, Director and President

David (Dudi) Roth and his wife Esther made Aliyah to Israel from the United States in 1996 in search of a meaningful future…


Theirs could have been considered an idyllic existence in terms of economic and social standing, if not for a painful void, the absence of a child, casting an ever-present shadow over their tranquil lives.


During their search for a miracle despite all the odds, and never exhausting their energies, resources and prayers to attain this objective, a light dissipating the darkness finally took form. It shone through in its entirety when, after twenty-one years of childlessness, their request was finally, finally, fulfilled. Dudi and Esther became the proud parents of a little girl!


Now it would have been wonderful for the elated couple to be celebrating and excitedly fussing over the baby with pink bows and ribbons, like all new mommies and daddies. However, this was not meant to be, at least not until much much later.


The long-awaited bundle of joy weighed a mere 1 pound- 1 ounce and started her journey confronted by many difficult challenges. First and foremost, the baby couldn’t hold down food. Without proper nourishment, how would the precious seedling blossom and grow into a healthy child? The precariousness of the situation filled them with intense anguish, threatening to undermine the joyfulness of the event. Here they had finally arrived at the doors of parenthood; yet there was so much adversity to deal with. Time was of essence. They prayed fervently and searched their souls for some kind of special merit (z’chut) that would effect a positive change in the baby’s state of health.


While contemplating the key difficulty, which obviously was “Food”, they had a brilliant inspiration. A friend had established the relief organization “Meir Panim” in answer to a scourging hunger problem, feeding thousands of hungry children and adults. Knowing that it is especially appropriate to get involved with Tzedakah and Good Deeds during times of stress, illness, and the like, Dudi Roth decided to assist him in this venture and thus hopefully be worthy of Divine compassion.


To make a long story short, little Ruchama survived and is thriving beyond all expectations. The Roths wholeheartedly believe that it is indeed in the merit of participating in the humanitarian mission of Meir Panim, that their precious girl has conquered all obstacles and continues to imbue their lives with special joy and gladness.


Mr. Roth travels extensively to represent Meir Panim and spread its ideals. He speaks from the heart and to the heart, with charm and pathos. He is dedicated heart and soul to the cause with relentless energy and enthusiasm that is both contagious and hard to match. Thanks to his commitment and devotion, Meir Panim has been able to extend help to thousands more hungry children and adults in Israel.