Meir Panim
PM Benjamin Netanyahu
PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Letter from the Prime Minister of the State of Israel - Benjamin Netanyahu
May 25, 2009
Dear Friends,

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of witnessing Meir Panim's activities on behalf of the needy in Israel. Meir Panim is an organization with a vision to eradicate poverty through supplying services to the needy with dignity and with a view to aiding them in their return to an independent lifestyle. Its restaurants and equipment centers, along with its clubs for children and youth at risk and vocational training courses, serve to give weaker populations solutions to their needs while maintaining their self respect.

Meir Panim's newest venture, a food center which will supply hot meals up to 50,000 schoolchildren in the Negev region each day, is its most ambitious yet. When realized, children in the region will be well-fed and will be able to study with ease, on full stomachs, helping them to achieve academic success and offering them opportunities for advancement that they would not otherwise have.

I wish Meir Panim all the best in its endeavors. It is my fervent hope that someday we will on longer need Meir Panim's services in Israel.

With best wishes

Benjamin Netanyahu
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau
Letter from the former Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau
Aug 29, 2001
To the administration, employees and volunteers of the Meir Panim food centers - may the blessing of God be upon you! "For I said: the world is built through kindness." Indeed, the virtue of gemilut chasadim (performance of kindness) not only constitutes one of the three pillars on which the world stands, but is also among the fundamental attributes of the offspring of our patriarch Abraham. I came, saw and was shown that if anyone would, Heaven forbid, try to speak negatively of, or prosecute against, the People of Israel, we must say to him: Go take a look at Meir Panim! There, in the food center, you will see the radiant faces that shine upon all those in distress and despair, there you will find alongside the food being served a warm smile and kind word. Fortunate are you for the reward you will receive, and I can only wish to share in your portion.

Wishing you all the warmest blessings in this month of Elul,
Israel Meir Lau
Rabbi Yonah Metzger
Rabbi Yonah Metzger
Letter from the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel - Rabbi Yonah Metzger
Mar 15, 2007
The good name of the charity and welfare organization Meir Panim, is heralded from afar. The organization is legendary amongst the needy families who rely on it for assistance with their most basic needs.

Meir Panim has taken upon itself important and life saving tasks. Among them, establishing free restaurants for the needy and elderly, providing home furniture for the needy through Power of Giving centers, assisting the unemployed in centers for Vocational Training and Occupational Rehabilitation, delivering food packages to the elderly and facilitating children's after-school clubs.

Our rabbis z"l taught that the mitzvah of performing acts of charity and kindness is of great importance. Meir Panim volunteers glorify this mitzvah every day, as they light up the lives of those they assist.

I have long been familiar with Meir Panim's accomplishments and I warmly recommend this very important organization.

May all those who support and assist this holy work be blessed with a multitude of blessings. May Hashem fulfill your wishes for the good and may you merit the best there is to offer.
Yonah Metzger
Chief Rabbi of Israel
Senator - Charles E. Schumer
Senator - Charles E. Schumer
A Letter from Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator
Dec 30, 2007
Dear Friends:

Please accept my warmest greetings and congratulations as you gather to celebrate Meir Panim's Children Singing for Children event. l am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the fine work the Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel and its Children Singing for Children event has done over the years.

Since its inception, the Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel has dedicated itself to helping many families and their children. Meir Panim has taken the initiative to assist less fortunate families through professional, immediate, and basic resources. Through their programs they have been able to positively change the quality of life for thousands of Israelis in order for them to live dignified and better futures. It is through the leadership and support that Meir Panim has been able to be successful and I applaud you all for what you have done. The work Meir Panim has been able to do serves as true inspiration to all New Yorkers.

Again, thank you far your hard work and dedication to preserving peace of mind for our children and families. I know Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel will continue to improve the lives of people for many years to come.


Charles E. Schumer
Communications Minister Moshe Kachlon
Communications Minister Moshe Kachlon
Letter from the Communications Minister - Moshe Kachlon
Mar 16, 2010
Communications Minister Moshe Kachlon

To Diaspora Jewry

"Meir Panim" is a Jewish, Zionist organization that is best characterized by its unyielding dedication to make life better for Israel's needy, young and old, of all religious affiliations and all over Israel.

Meir Panim's staff and volunteers are attentive to the needs of the poor and offer help to those in need. Meir Panim has established an important volunteer-based system, with projects empowering unemployed women to join the workforce, supporting Holocaust survivors, caring for children and youth, and providing aid for the elderly while preserving their self-respect.

I thank you for your involvement in this important Jewish cause, which helps us to grow and become stronger.

You should be blessed, as it says: "One who pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness and honor" (Proverbs, 21:21)

Wishing a happy holiday to you and your families, in Israel and the Diaspora.

Moshe Kachlon
Communications Minister
Education and Youth Corps - IDF
Education and Youth Corps - IDF
Letter from the Education and Youth Corps - IDF - Tamar Goren
Feb 04, 2010
Education and Youth Corps
Education Department
Machtsavim Unit

February 4, 2010

To All Those Concerned

Re: Partnership between Meir Panim and the Machtsavim Unit

The Machtsavim Unit (IDF Educational Leadership in Jerusalem) places great emphasis on its close relationship with Meir Panim, which provides social services for the poor and needy…

We feel that Meir Panim's activities are very important and serve the worthy goal of social responsibility.

The Machtsavim, like other IDF units, sees its relationships with non-profit organizations as a tool toward making Israeli society a better place.

Tamar Goren
Ambassador Dan Gillerman
Ambassador Dan Gillerman
Letter from the permanent representative of Israel to the U.N. ambassador Dan Gillerman
Jan 30, 2007
On behalf of the State of Israel, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all those in attendance at Sensi, a benefit for Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel.

As one of the most charitable humanitarian organizations in Israel today, Meir Panim is committed to providing basic needs and services for those less fortunate. Each day, Meir Panim helps hundreds of Israelis from various walks of life – new immigrants, handicapped and elderly, victims of terror, and the unemployed. Meir Panim offers professional, immediate, and effective solutions, while preserving the human dignity of those it helps. Its programs have improved the quality of life for thousands of Israelis, ensuring them a brighter future.

Meir Panim has also made it a goal to bridge together various sectors of society through sponsorship and volunteering, promoting and engendering a culture of giving – in Israel and around the world. Its volunteers number more than 3,000 and are drawn from a wide spectrum of the public. On behalf of myself and the State of Israel, I would like to thank you and commend you for your support of Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel. May you all enjoy continued achievement and success. Warmest Regards,

Ambassador Dan Gillerman
Permanent Representative
Zohar Oved Mayor of Tiberias
Zohar Oved Mayor of Tiberias
Letter from the Mayor of Tiberias - Mr. Zohar Oved
Jul 26, 2007

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous assistance that Meir Panim has provided to the city of Tiberias, particularly to the needy residents of the city.

Your activities and endeavors are known throughout the city and are received with gratitude and blessings by both the beneficiaries and municipal personnel.

The truest measure of any society is its attitude towards its weaker members. You have shown your concern for those less fortunate, extending important aid with dignity, warmth, and care. It is an honor for us to work together with Meir Panim and to observe the wonderful results of our partnership.

I hope that together we will continue to advance the progress of the city of Tiberias.

With wishes for success,

Zohar Oved
Mayor of Tiberias
Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins
Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins
Letter from Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins - Pine Brook Jewish Center
May 21, 2006
Dear Friends,

I have visited the locations of Meir Panim in Israel, and was deeply impressed. Their sacred work enables Jews in need to live a more normal life - but with great dignity, and according to all the traditions of helping others with no shame or feeling of embarrassment. I cannot think of a more worthy cause or a greater mitzvah than to contribute to Meir Panim and their holy work in lifting the spirits of our people.

Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins
Michael J. Wildes
Michael J. Wildes
Letter from Michael J. Wildes Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey
Mar 08, 2006

On behalf of the City of Englewood, and with great pride, I present greetings to you.

Meir Panim has distinguished itself internationally by providing support for children and families in need. I am especially proud of their recent efforts to establish a strong foundation and future so as to support Israel's economically underprivileged citizenry.

As the State of Israel has endured years of struggle; scores of terrorist attacks; and the Palestinian Intifada - Meir Panim confronts and alleviates an extraordinary burden from a large populace. I am equally impressed with the extraordinary dignity; warmth; and respect with which they perform their act of chessed and applaud their vision, efforts and tremendous service.

Wishing you continued success, I remain

Very truly yours,
Michael J. Wildes

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