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Biton in Dimona

Newly Renovated Restaurant Style Soup Kitchen Heartens Struggling Patrons

Israel’s southern town of Dimona has one of the highest percentages of impoverished people in the country. Yet, its residents were all smiles when its well-known free restaurant-style soup kitchen, run by the charity organization Meir Panim, re-opened following an extensive refurbishment. The event was attended not only by eager and hungry patrons but also […]

kid with bread

“Improvement” in Israel’s Reduction of Poverty? Hardly!

New figures released by the National Insurance Institute state that 1.7 million Israelis, including over 800,000 children, are living in poverty. In Jerusalem, 55 percent of children live below the poverty line (down from 58 percent in 2015), followed by similar numbers in northern and southern Israel. “How can we feel good that there is […]

Erica Schachne, editor at The Jerusalem Post, volunteering at Meir Panim

Soup Kitchen Volunteer Shocked Seeing the Other Side of Jerusalem

Israel is often found on the front page of the news. Whether due to its ongoing struggle for survival, both on the ground fighting its enemies and in the realm of public relations, the dichotomy of the Holy Land is clear. Yet even those living in Israel can miss an aspect of the country which […]


Meir Panim’s Caring Volunteers Help Find Missing Patron

When an elderly man who moved to Israel from Russia several years ago recently went missing, he was found through the sharp awareness and caring aid of volunteers from the soup kitchen at which he regularly ate. “Vladimir comes every day to our facility to eat lunch,” said Beni Elgad, Director of Meir Panim’s Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchen in Israel’s […]